MOMOHIME Peach White Essence

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Beauty serum to boost permeability and moisture-retaining ability of skin.
 Free: Silicon, paraben, mineral oil, colorant, oil-based surfactant, alcohol,
     animal-based ingredients.

●Arbutin:For melanogenesis (causing freckle) suppressing activity
●Vitamin C:For promoting collagen-forming, adjusting skin turnover, and                         improving skin dullness.
●Mandarine Orange Reed Extract: Provide firmness with keratinocyte, leading to brightening and transparency of the skin.
・Peach leaves extract, peach juice(anti-inflammatory, antibacterial), Peach seeds extract(Moisturizing)  ・Cherry leaves extract(anti-inflammatory)・Perilla leaves extract(anti-inflammatory)・Hydrolyzed collagen(moisturizing)・Hyaluronic acid Na (moisturizing)

●Mandarin orange rind extract: Add firmness to the skin keratinocyte, adjusting skin texture and giving elasticity of the skin.
●All made in Japan, including ingredients and containers
●Manufactured by special Halal production line at a factory in Japan with GMP and ISO 9001
●Soothing peach fragrance

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Location 千住2-36 1200034 足立区, 東京, 関東

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