Popular Japanese Cosmetics "Momohime"

Popular Japanese Cosmetics "Momohime"

What do you use for daily skincare?

If we are living in Japan, it’s hard to look for halal cosmetics. So what we recommend is “momohime”. Materials using peaches, processes and cases are all made in Japan. Momohime is popular because of its high quality. Momohime is refreshing and you can smell the good scent of the peaches.


Good points of Momohime

■Halal certification

 The best point as a Muslim is a halal mark on its package. Recently, Halal certificated foods are increasing in Japan but, Halal cosmetics are still small in number. One of them is Momohime. Momohime was Halal certified by The Japanese Islamic Cultural Center JIT in December 2015. JIT is a Japanese certification body accepted by many Halal certification body all over the world.

■Plant-derived ingredients

  • Peach seed extract

  • Cherry blossom leaf extract

  • Shiso leaf extract 

 Peaches have been told to be good for beauty and health since old time, such as beautiful skin, anti-aging, moisturizing, swelling elimination, hypertension prevention, fatigue recovery, aroma effect, etc. 
■Five additive-free

  • ​Alcohol free

  • Animal-derived ingredients free

  • Mineral oil, petroleum-derived ingredients free

  • Paraben free

  • Coloring free

 Momohime is also good for sensitive skin and kid’s skin!

■Easy three steps

①Peach Foaming Face Wash<Facial cleaning foam>


②Peach Moisture Lotion<Toner>


③Peach Moisture Gel Cream<Moisturizing gel cream>


  1. Cleanse the skin

First, whisk the facial cleansing foam with clean hands. ​Take a small amount of it, mix with a little water and whisk it.

Stroke the face gently with the foam and rinse it away. Gently, but make sure you remove the dirt. After you finish, wipe the face with a clean towel or tissue.


  1. Supplements moisturizing ingredients with toner

After you cleanse the skin, the skin will be dried within about 5 minutes and even more dry than the skin before you cleanse it. You should moisturize it soon. 

Take a 100 yen-coin-sized amount of toner, and put it from the part which can be dried easily such as around eyes and mouth until all the face.

It is better to take 100 yen-coin-sized amounts of it again and put it on the dried part of the face. Apply to wrap your face with your entire palm at the end.



  1. Confine the moisture with moisturizing gel cream

As a toner, take pearl-sized amount of cream from the part which can be dried easily such as around eyes and mouth until all the face.

Apply to wrap your face with your entire palm at the end.


◆As we moisturize, patting like hitting with hands or cotton will be irritation for the skin so you should be careful. If some cream is left on the hands, you can put it on your neck or back of the hands.

Additional to the items introduces in this article,

・White essence

・Peach clear cleansing gel

・Peach BB cream UV(Makeup base and sun block)

・Peach premium body milk

・Advanced natural beauty cream

They are being sold in Japan and Indonesia. Some of them are also available in JAPLAZA.

We are supporting your healthy and beautiful skincare life!